Z.T.R. translated to English

Now you can download our videogame “Zombi Terror Reloaded” in English
(click with the right button HERE and choose “Save as” to download the .dsk). Also, if you want to have a physical copy, you can send me a message to jemaveca[at]gmail[dot].com. We will see if there is a good reception and then we will get copies.
I hope you enjoy it!
Write run”ZTR and then choose the videogame part to play in the menu.

For the player:

You wake up on an island and you do not know how you got there. In front of you, there is a harbor where a yacht is docked. Your first reaction was to get on it and get the hell out of this island. But, for your bad luck, it is impossible to start the engine.


The game is played via keyboard. The keys required for each phase of the game will be given automatically. Press ‘Q’ anytime to finish the game.


Z.T.R. is a “Zombi Terror” version by Kabuto Factory, made to offer the utmost affection, while maintaining its own personality. We wanted to add further pressure and create an enhanced – but not a new – version, while keeping the spirit and flavor of the original one.

For those who do not know the original, this game combines adventure-type aspects with elements of a role-playing-game. In Z.T.R., the factor luck plays an important role, without diminishing the impact of exploration and strategy parts.

As the author said, we are in front of a “choose your own adventure” book style; an alternative which made some of us really happy.

The authors warn that consistently long sessions of video game playing might cause health issues (although these sessions have offered and continue to offer great moments).

Last but not least, we hope to enjoy this game, as much as we did while creating it.



Code: Jesús Mayoral (mode2)

Graphics: Manolo Gómez (Barón Ashler)

Music: Manolo Gómez (Barón Ashler)

Cover Illustration: Manolo Gómez (Barón Ashler)

Testing: David Macho (6128)

Translation: Dimitris Fragkos (voxfreax)


Yolanda, Artaburu, Rhino, Jose Luis, Juan Antonio, Miguelsky, Syx, Mercurio, Amstrad.es, Chami, RetroSevilla, Amstrad eterno, “Jorge” Romero, Juan “Carpintero”, and to all fans who love and show the utmost respect to this type of games, but not to those who get addicted and ‘burnt’ from them.

As one said:

¡We will be back!


¡¡Disponible Z.T.R.!!

Ya podéis descargaros el videojuego de “Zombi Terror Reloaded” desde el apartado “Descargas” del menú. También si queréis haceros con una copia de la edición física del mismo tenéis la posibilidad de hacer vuestro pedido desde el menú, apartado “Ediciones físicas”.

¡Espero que lo disfrutéis!

Buen (y sangriento) finde a todos. 😉

‘Zombi Terror Reloaded’ finalizado.

Por fín, el desarrollo del videojuego ‘Zombi Terror Reloaded’ (finalmente ha pasado a a tener la coletilla ‘reloaded’) ha finalizado.

Ahora mismo nos encontramos haciendo las copias físicas en cintas para tenerlas a tiempo para la feria de “Amstrad Eterno” que se celebrará en Barcelona, y donde el juego se presentará en primicia.

De momento, os dejo con la ilustración de Manolo Gómez (Kabuto Factory), utilizada para la caratula de la edición física como para el póster promocional.

En breve, seguiremos subiendo cosillas (como algunas pantallas del mismo).

Un saludo.